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  • 00:31 Comedy Central, Indecision 2008

    Comedy Central, Indecision 2008

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    Working with our friends at Comedy Central is like sitting back with a fine glass of red wine... add the fact that the programming package incorporates politics (our second favorite pastime), Jon Stewart (our hero), and it's an election year and, well, we

  • 00:53 The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy, Comedy Central

    The Roast of Larry the Cable Guy, Comedy Central

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    Following up on our work for the “Roast of Bob Saget”, our buddies at Comedy Central asked us to provide a treatment for the show open on the next Roast victim -“Larry The Cable Guy”. We presented an ambitious concept of traveling through a world of tatto

  • 05:10 Twister Champ - Comedy Skit

    Twister Champ - Comedy Skit

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    There was no script, just improvisation. It was recorded live to tape.

  • 00:30 Comedy Central 'Finger' TVC 30"

    Comedy Central 'Finger' TVC 30"

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    The follow-up spot in our International Comedy Central Campaign.

  • 00:10 Comedy Channel - Ident (Final)

    Comedy Channel - Ident (Final)

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    Comedy Channel - Ident (Final) done with Luci Trotter for University using Maya/After Effects/Photoshop.

  • 02:42 Comedy Central, The Daily Show 2008 Election Launch

    Comedy Central, The Daily Show 2008 Election Launch

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    So when Jon Stewart is craving a newsscraper, the worlds highest Subway franchise, and a rocket, we respond with... "How big would you like the logo on your building?" Collaborating with the internal design team at The Daily Show, we produced this fun pie

  • 01:10 Comedy Central | Fat for Fun

    Comedy Central | Fat for Fun

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    for credits and further information check the dyrdee website: http://www.dyrdee.de/project/fat-fun?b=2,643

  • 00:49 Cartoon SEX Comedy

    Cartoon SEX Comedy

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    Sex smells....VULVA Original The erotic smell of a desirable womans’ vagina – VULVA Original is NOT a perfume, but the captivating intimate scent preserved in a small glass vial, made to satisfy your own smelling pleasure. Enjoy the precious organic subst

  • 00:30 Dreams | Cinema - Comedy Sketch

    Dreams | Cinema - Comedy Sketch

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    Comedy commercial sketch for retailer Dreams. Prod co: Re:Production DoP: Chad Hodgson Agency: CheethamBellJWT

  • 00:31 Auto Mail Ru Commercial

    Auto Mail Ru Commercial

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    TV commercial. Camera/editor: Alexander Soloviev Animation: Anastasia Vikhornova Actor: Gabriel Rodriguez-Cleary Sound: Mitya Vikhornov commercial for auto.mail.ru soloviev.sasha@gmail.com